We are future-oriented and focused on providing customized and turnkey solutions. Our team of experts offers a full range of services for creating and optimizing a cryptocurrency exchange.
Cryptocurrency Exchange
Crypto infrastructure service
Main trading service
Billing service
Referral program service
Client account service
Admin panel service
A cryptocurrency exchange is more than just a set of technologies. Business areas that you should consider when creating a crypto exchange: legal issues, marketing, sales, management, finance, liquidity, technology, etc.
MT Group is your reliable partner in crypto projects development.
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Crypto infrastructure service
The analytics module allows you to track incoming transactions, as well as collect information from the blockchain.
Integration with blockchain nodes to send funds to the network.
Financial statistics module that allows you to view the entire history of transactions and operations, for all users or for a specific user.
Generation of wallets and private keys with the ability to recover by seed phrase, password and master password.
Main trading service
An order matching module that allows you to connect a seller and a buyer and create a deal.
Analytics service that allows you to query the entire history of operations for all users or for a specific user.
Ability to create limit orders to get the most favorable prices.
Support of the basic order book.
our Services
Payment gateway with API
The service allows you to provide API to third-party services, outside the system loop, to get the main functionality of the platform through the API.
Billing service
Formation of statements
Create complex schedules
Clearing service, with the ability to set up and conduct regular scheduled checks to identify financial discrepancies.
Client account service
Financial module
Account setup
Security setup
Interaction with the trading module
Interaction with the support service
Admin panel service
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Referral program service
The service allows you to generate and keep records of all referrals for the client with the ability to configure bonuses, view the list of referrals for all users
Storage Service
Storage Service provides the implementation of business logic for storing and processing large amounts of data, such as files, profile backups, etc.
Authorization Service
Authorization Service is a server software implemented as an API service with a RESTful access protocol. Ensures the implementation of the business logic for authorizing users of the "Communication Platform" and individual components of the system, including those located outside the internal segment. It allows user registration, authorization, and password recovery.
Notification Service
Provides business logic for storing and processing data for sending mobile notifications through APNS and GCM servers.
Offered Services
Additional modules
News module
P2P trading service
Website for users
Account for market makers
Risk management system
Bonus service
Tradingview integration for charting and more
Content writing and content filling
Fully customizable order book with support for all order types (market/limit/stop/take profit/range order)
Payment systems (accepting payments via cards/accounts, etc.)
Support for required trading pairs and coins
Setting up a financial service for managing and flexible setting of commissions from orders
KYC module (integration with provider)
Connecting a KYT Payment Verification provider
Setting up antifraud rules for withdrawing funds
Safety audit and adjustment according to ISO 27001
Web application of the client part / partly of the administrative part
Adding new coins to the crypto infrastructure (for receiving/sending)
Stages of Development
Stages of Development
Signing an agreement
Platform prototyping
 Creation of interface design
Modification of modules for your needs
Product testing
Launch and support
We sign all non-disclosure agreements and strictly comply with them.
Loyalty program
We offer special conditions for long-term cooperation.
To assess the project, we assign a pre-sales engineer who conducts a quick assessment of what needs to be done: the amount of work, the strengths and weaknesses of the project, possible risks, the compliance of the product functionality with the customer's expectations
Affordable price and convenient payment methods
We set competitive prices for our work. We are ready to work with a minimum prepayment, or even without prepayment if we work in sprints - payment is made at the end of each sprint, where 1 sprint = 2 weeks.
We will tell how much time and money it really takes to launch, divide the task into sprints and systematically move towards the result.
Some of Our Clients
We have developed a full-fledged system that transfers payments between different counterpartys
The client has applied for the revision of the outdated real estate management system, migration of databases and creation of a number of new services
Messenger for the company and corporate use. The customer wanted to design from zero
Some of Our Clients
The client has applied for the revision of the outdated real estate management system, migration of databases and creation of a number of new features
5 week's
5 week's
We have developed a full-fledged system that transfers payments between different counterparties
5 week's
Messenger for the company and corporate use. The customer wanted to design from zero
I worked directly with Arseniy on one of our projects. His team is very versatile and has a wide range of expertise: when we needed a specialist on a very specific issue, such a specialist was already on his team!

Their experience working on very complex projects was very valuable to us. His team went beyond our initial requirements and we were very satisfied with our collaboration.

I wholeheartedly recommend Arseniy to anyone who not only cares about the end result, but also wants to be pleasantly surprised by the team's work, which exceeds expectations, and also saves time in completing an order.

Thank you!
Maria Defilla
Crypto-project, development of hot wallets
In our project, and we deal with sports betting, there are a lot of variable conditions, and it is important for us to respond to them as quickly as possible. That's why understandable tools and interface in the administration panel are very important! The team coped with this task in a cool way.

It seems to me that connecting the wallet via crypto is not an easy task, but it was 5 out of 5 as well!

Everything was written in Go language and Kafka was in charge of messaging between servers.

I definitely recommend Arseniy's team for any IT tasks and solutions for your business!
Anatoly K
BetFate, Sports betting
We approached the manager with the task of analyzing a payment service for medical institutions in the USA. At the same time we set the task of developing a design for the personal accounts of users. This is an important part of our company's image - someone chooses a supplier on quality, someone on visuals, and someone on usability. Here is another point we ticked.

As part of the so-called audit of our system, we made an elaboration and description of business processes from a technical point of view. In my opinion, it can be called process optimization - here, the guys are unrivaled, in my opinion.

It took them only one month to complete this task!
Leo Markin
Factoring, a service for payments to medical facilities in the U.S.A
My company implements payment systems, and we had the need to develop a module for calculating commissions.

There are different conditions and parameters for charging commissions, and I just had to automate this process.

This entire block was done in 1 month! The speed of the team’s work was fantastic!).

The team chose GO language for development as the most optimal one covering all our needs.
And the communication between the module and the external systems was done via HTTP.
All of the documentation is stored in the Swagger repository.

I have already recommended Arseniy and his team to my colleagues, as a reliable and experienced developer who thoroughly gets into the problem and does everything to its successful implementation. Thank you!
Anna Shekhvatova
Payment system
I would like to begin with the most important indicator of the team's professionalism: this is the second project with Arseniy's team that we’ve worked on.

We challenged MT Group with the task of developing an administrative panel service and a CRM system for a corporate messenger. The key task was to make a product, according to the description, which we could launch on the market in the shortest possible time. During the development process Arseniy provided us with a lot of functional analysis, as he had experience in such products, while we didn't.

The development was done in the GO language. The team used Postgres as the database management system. Kafka was chosen as the message manager between the servers.

The turnkey development for both jobs took about 6 months. The result exceeded our expectations. I recommend working with their team.
Anatoly K
Stacle, Сorporate messenger
We planned a large-scale digitalization of all of the company's processes, and we asked for the introduction of digital space. The main idea was to simplify and automate all the processes.

We contacted Alexander, the manager of the company, and agreed on the tasks, solution options, deadlines and tools. We filled out a detailed brief, which reflected all the requirements, expectations and how we see further work, which would depend on automatic dawns and processes.

We were given a description of ALL the business processes in the company and built a digital solution to automate and simplify them.
Calculated the optimal number of employees to charter the ship (I recommend everyone reading this review to think about it too)

For two months the guys did the complicated math: did the calculations, built the models, twisted and turned all the options for implementation.

The result: we got an automated container terminal management. This is about savings, speed, efficient allocation of resources and an increase in profits immediately after the first month of work in the new automated system.

Thank you very much for being so fast, and your total immersion in the project!
Alexey Beliy
Global flot